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Put this accordinly, let start from site-0 i mean index page.
this on guest mode, <center><img src="" width="100%"/></center> and this on user mode  <div align="center" style="background-image:url(;height:80px;padding:6px;border-radius:20% solid #dfdfdf;"><br/><br/> Dear :my_name: We save your login, click proceed to continue. <br/><br/ ><a style="background:blue;padding:8px;transparency:20%;color:white;" href="/site-home.html"><b>PROCEED TO CONTINUE</b></a><br/></div><br/> and this on guest mod <div style="background:azure2;padding:6px;border-bottom:2px outset #dfdfdf;color:purple;"><b>Top 5 Last Registra</b></div>[user]o=ru,l=5,s=:to-page:,no=no user||<a href="/site-profile.html?to-user=%name%"><b>%name%</b></a>, [/user]and <font color="green">(127)</font> <font color="red"> as just join</font> <font color="purple"><b>ColeHub INC</b></font>
Dr Peace
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