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Adebimpe Facebook Girl Season 1 episode 6-10
*Episode 6*
….just as i was standing in front of the bank crying like someone who lost his di-ck, my fone rang. I looked at the screen and it was a friend named segun.
I do call him “sege the guru” because is into blogging and ICT.
SEGE:- ogbeni how far? Your number no dey waka since yesterday
Me:- sege how far
SEGE:- I dey o. Wetin do your voice, you no dey sound normal my guy
ME:- I have been duped by a woman i love so much.
SEGE:- say wetin, abeg pick a bike dey come oba-ile right now.
I stoppd a bike going to oba-ile where segun lives. After 8mins. I am at segun’s room entrance
me:- ko ko ko
sege:- who be that, come in.
I entered, sat down, then without wasting time, I summarized the whole episode to sege in 3minutes.
SEGE-: “were ni e o” omo porta ti lo agbari fun e. Ode ni e
ME:- no be my fault, this babe fine die and get assets for front and back. I just so much love her
SEGE:- Ogbeni, you are the “baddest maga ever liveth”
me:- thank you. Wetin i go come do
now segun
SEGE:- no worry, we go arrange collect part or the whole of that 10k from her, you go still straff her free for the next 2days and you go discharge her without giving her a kobo
Me:- is that possible, how i go do am now?
Just immediately, a message came in from adebimpe which says “baby, i’m on my way back”.
I showed it to sege. He laughed and said to me. “ogbeni, if you fall again this time, then you don break world maga record”.
He opened a bulk sms application on his phone, draft an Access bank debit alert of 25k and send it to my line.
Me:- what should i do with it
SEGE:- Show it to her when you reach house, tell her say ATM debit the whole 25k wey you wan give her and the money no come out of the machine, so you dey go the bank tomorrow to complain. But if she no fit wait, tell her say you get person wey you fit collect the money from and then call me make i show. We go dey write the script on whatsapp as you dey go. But make sure say you clear the whatsapp chats after ooo.
I dashed out of segun’s house. I went home straight, on getting home, i met adebimpe sitting on the bed restless.
As i entered, she hugged me and gave me a kiss.
BIMPE:- baby, you look unhappy, what happend?
Me:- **i brought out my fone and showed her the alert and then act the drama as directed by segun”***
Bimpe wore a sad face…
BIMPE:- What do we do now? This is 11.08am and i must get to PHC today.
ME:- ok relax, let me call a friend to borrow me 20k to give you, i will sort him when you are gone.
I picked up my phone and called segun to come.
Bimpe hugged and kissed me again and said “you are a darling”.
I asked of the surprise she promised earlier, she said i should wait, till my friend leaves so that no one will disturb. I replied “ok”.
Segun arrived at about 10mins later.
ME:- sege my guy. Please i need your help, my babe wan return to school today and ATM fuc.ked up. Abeg borrow me 20k till tomorrow.
SEGUN:- lai lai. The 8k wey you borrow last time, you neva returm am and you wan collect another one?. I go give you the 20k only after you refund the previous 8k.
ME:- So na because of 8k you come dey disgrace me in front of my babe?. Abeg i go give you the two together.
SEGUN:- lai lai, find means and give me the 8k first.
Then i turned to bimpe….
Me:- bimpe, please do you have 8k with you, let me give this guy so that he can give me the 20k
BIMPE:- i dont have that amount, the only money on me is 5,500 and its a money that my friend gave me to buy weavon for her from akure.
ME:- Don’t worry, give me 5k out of it, since i’m giving you 20k in return, you can then sort your friend later.
She gave me the 5k and i gave it to segun.
ME:- Now wey i don give you 5k out of 8k, can you now help me?
SEGUN:- Se you know say you be akue?. If not because of your pretty girlfriend, i no go help you.
Let me go home and bring the money, i will be back in 10mins time.
Immediately after segun’s departure, she gave me the surprise. We had a hot romance which leads to one round of sweet sex.
3mins after the sex, segun called, I picked and put on loud speaker.
Me:- sege how far?, where is the money now?
SEGUN:- wahala don shele oo. As i dey come your place the other time, I forget to lock my door, before i reach home, dem don carry my lappy and took all the 30k wey dey house.
ME:- Eyah. So sorry oo. Abeg se you fit return that 5k, i go find means add to it give my babe?
SEGUN:- you dey mad ni. **segun hanged up the call.
Immediately after segun’s departure, bimpe looked into my eyes while she sat on the bed. “Onihaxy, I love you. You are cool, cute, gentle and caring, where have you been all this while when I was looking for a good guy?”.
She then moved close and kissed me and we started kissing passionately. I took hold of her bosoms and ooohh, they were really soft and she stiffled a moan as I touched her T-ips. She said “I’m afraid that you will dump me after having sex with me because that is how you guys always do.”,
I replied, “baby you know I so much love you. If not, I won’t be running everywhere to get money for you…,
she smiled and resumed the kissing.
I ripped off her top and descended voraciously on her swollen Tips.
I furthered downward to unzip her jeans trouser. I was shocked at what I saw, bimpe was pantless…
Why pantless. I asked?. She replied “I’m not always comfortable with pants”. But I thought to my self “chaii, swordman must have a hand in this pantless issue.
She pulled down my jeans and boxers and saw my erect manliness, she simply rubbed it and then she sat down with her legs open and her Kitty-Cat dripping wet.
Chai, bimpe is not tight and I noticed something like Fluid on her Vjay hair. I slid my condomize dick into her and she gasped.
My heart skipped two beats as i felt my dick heating up and she continue to moan louder.
We switch to canine after about 4minutes of the s3x and I continued going in and out faster and she begged for more which I gave her ultimately.
We lasted for the next 6mins and I cum. It was obvious that she noticed that I wasn’t excited about the sex.
What’s wrong baby? Bimpe asked. Nothing, I replied.
Bimpe:- Onihaxy, do you truly love me?
ME:- why did you ask again?
BIMPE:- I just want to be sure because you are the only guy I have in my life after breaking up with my ex. And I don’t want to suffer for love again.
ME:- I assured you of my love *yinmu*
BIMPE:- Ok dear, let me get a shower and dress up while we are awaiting uncle segun.
She stood from the bed Unclad, she walked twisting the fresh fair Bottom as she opened the door to the bathroom.
I took my phone and checked my whatsapp messages. I got a message from sege. “Mr maga, flash me when you are with your girl. I will call you, make you put am for loud speaker, I want act another drama……..
To be continued.
Dr Peace
*Episode 7*
***after segun’s call*****
Bimpe:- onihaxy, what is all this now?, how do I leave here now, your friend went home to bring money only for him to call that his house was robbed.
ME:- I’m amazed too, infact, I don’t know what to do and I don’t know anybody else who can borrow me this money.
BIMPE:- I must leave here today oooo, see the time now, its 11.52am already. I must leave here ooooooooo. Find something to do ooooo, ****she started bahaving funny******
ME:- what do you suggest that I should do now?.
BIMPE:- I don’t know ooooo. Just think of how you will get Tfare for me that will take me to PHC. Maybe you should call uncle segun back and beg him to refund that 5k, I will sort out how to get home myself.
ME:- I’m not sure if segun will refund the money, but I will think of something. Why not beg your cousin to borrow you the money. And when I send it to your account, you will refund back to him.
BIMPE:- I told you that my cousin is stingy and that we fought before my departure. Infact, when I went there to pick my school ID card, I gave him the best insults of his life. Dear, can you imagine what he said when I got there?
ME:- what dear?
BIMPE:- he said I should help him to fetch water from the well at the 5th house away from his house after he refused to give me money.
ME:- but na waoo, that your cousin no dey try oooo. I wish to know him sha.
BIMPE:- please no be dat one dey do me. Help me find means to reach PHC. Call uncle segun and beg him.
ME:- ok.
…..I picked my phone and dialed sege’s number and placed it on speaker.
ME:- sege, how far na, abeg help me with that 5k, my babe dey cry here and she wan go today.
SEGE:- I no fit drop am ooo, dem don thief the one wey I get for house so this 5k na the last thing on me.
ME:- abeg help me now.
SEGE:- ok wait, let me call Akin and talk to him, I will get back to you..and he hanged up.
….I don’t know who Akin is but I am sure SEGE is up to another drama… After 2minutes, segun called back.
SEGE:- guy, I don talk to akin. He say him fit try help you make you come meet am, but him talk say I must dey there as guarantor incase of wahala.
ME:- no problem now, how we go waka abeg?
SEGE:- come meet me for house and we go go together go meet akin. Hope money for bike dey your hand oooo, I no go pay for any bike oooo. Akin talk say him fit help you with 10k.
ME:- thanks, I will be on my way. I hanged up, I opened my wallet and found out that I had just 200naira inside.
I turned to bimpe.
ME:- baby, there is another problem.
BIMPE:- what is the problem again my dear, go and meet the so called akin now and get the money for me to leave here, its 12.09 already now
ME:- I have just 200naira with me and if I should calculate the fare from my house to segun’s house and from segun’s house to akin’s house, I will spend 600naira since segun is going with me.
BIMPE:- ok, take this remaining 500naira with me and add it to the 200naira with you. Please be fast and hurry up.
ME:- ok
****i collected the 500naira, dashed out of the house, stopped a 50naira bike and went to meet sege…
On reaching segun’s house….
Me:- sege how far
Sege:- mr maga. How u dey?
Me:- na me be mr maga abi?, your papa. Who is akin that you are talking about?.
Sege:- u be mumu. U no know say na drama i dey act?.
Me:- just kidding. I don collect the remaining 500naira wey she hold.
Sege:- confirm. Ur head don dey work. How u take do am?
Me:- i tell her say i no get tfare take come ur place, she give me the 5hundred.
Sege:- dat one nice, so ur balance remain 4,500 be that.
Me:- oya give me the 5k make i dey go house.
Sege:- u dey craze. So, u wan go give her the money abi?
Me:- i wan just hold am. But to be serious, i dey pity bimpe sha
sege:- u be mumu. She pity u wen she collect ur money go Bleep person for free at ijoka?
Me:- but she get test tomorrow na.
Sege:- let her fail. Dat one go dey remind her say “magacology” na bad elective.
Me:- wetin i go come do next?,
sege:- leave this money with me, dey go house go meet ur babe. Tell her say akin no see him atm card make she wait till tomorrow wen u go enter bank go settle ur debit palava. Update me on whatsapp any development.
Me:- ok
I left segun’s house, stopped a bike and went home straight.
Me:- sweetheart, helo
bimpe:- dear, its unfair oo. U left since morning knowing that i will travel
Me:- so sorry dear.
Bimpe:- oya where is the money?, its 1pm already, let me start going.
Me:- ***i broke the bad news as directed by segun.***
Bimpe was sad, frown and started ranting. She picked her box and bag.
Me:- dear, please wait till tomorrow, i will go to bank to settle the atm debit and give you the money.
Bimpe:- i have test tomorow, i cant wait. Let me go to my cousin and beg him again hopefully he can help me.
Me:- but why are you going with your loads.
Bimpe:- i dont have much time, if i can get the money, i will leave from there, but if i cant, i will return here to sleep.
Bimpe picked her loads and left at 1.20am. Immediately after she left, her number wasnt reachable again.
I said to my self, “chaiii, thunder fire segun and bimpe o. So i no go yansh this girl this nite”. I opened her facebook account but no recent chat.
I updated segun on whatsapp and he told me to lock up that bimpe is gone. So i zero my mind that she has left akure and that i paid 4,500 for one round of s*x.
Up till 8pm, her number isnt reachable, i dropped my fone and slept off.
At about 9.40pm, i heard a knock on my window. I asked “who is that?”. Its me bimpe, come and open the entrance door for me, the voice replied.
I jumped up, my Joystick suddenly got erect as i was heading towards the door and said to myself, let begin……..
To be continued.
Dr Peace
*Episode 8*

I ushered bimpe inside. Her face looks swollen, she looks so much unhappy. I took her bags from her and we entered the room.
Me:- bimpe, what happened to your lines?, you have been unreachable, I don’t know how to find you. You scared me……. Bla bla bla.
BIMPE:- ****silence for a moment and then later talked****, my dear, I really suffered today. A lot happend that I can’t explain.
ME:- please dear, tell me anything that happened, you fought your cousin again?
BIMPE:- something like that,
ME:- he didn’t give you the money?. And why?
BIMPE:- so many things are better left unsaid. I can’t just talk right now.
ME:- but why were you late?
BIMPE:- we were settling the quarrel. And also, he sent me on another erand. That is what took my time.
ME:- eyah, so sorry. How will you go about your test now?
BIMPE:- I have called my friends in my department to arrange for me. But dear, do me a favour.
ME:- what’s that?
BIMPE:- can you please increase the money you are collecting tomorrow to 30k pls, I have to settle my lecturer incharge of this course I should write tomorrow.
ME:- no problem
BIMPE:- and one more thing please
ME:- what is that dear?
BIMPE:- maybe you should go to that akin first to get the money incase if bank issue will not settle tomorrow and please make it early. Latest before 9AM.
ME:- no problem
****all through this conversation, bimpe isn’t happy at all, she look disappointed. I tried to figure out what happened but I couldn’t..
BIMPE:- please I’m seriously hungry, is there anything I can eat before I take my bath?
ME:- there is rice inside the pot. Go and warm it and eat.
****bimpe stood up still not smiling and went to the kitchen.
While she was in the kitchen. Her fone which is on my bed gave a facebook notification sound. I knew it must be a facebook message but I couldn’t open it due to security password. I decided to check it later. Few minutes later, she was through with the food and she came back to the room, and said, I want to have my bath, do you care to join?.
On hearing this, my body moved, my Joystick responded instantly.
Just as I stood up to pull off my cloths, I heard another knock on my window “ko ko ko ko”***
*who is that?. its me seun, a voice replied.
Seun is my neighbour, he occupies the first “one room selfcontain” in the compound. Our house is a block of 6 selfcons that has only one main entrance. We all have to pass through the entrance from outside. Seun had travelled to lagos 3days earlier and just arrived at past 10 as at the time of knocking.
I went outside to open the main entrance door for him, as my sure neighbour, we went to his room, gist a little about the journey, why he came late, what he brought for me. Etc, I spent like 15minutes with seun, he gave me a long bread. I went back to the room and met adebimpe on towel pressing her phone with the 2 hands which indicates that she was chating with someone. But she still looks unhappy.
As I drew close to her on the bed, she closed her facebook application, pressed the lock button and dropped the phone. Can we have our bath now?, bimpe asked. I replied YES.
She went into the bathroom and I followed her.
What is wrong with you bimpe?, you look sad, I asked. She replied,
“I just had a stressful day”.
She removed her towel. Oh my God!, those bosoms were averagely big and firm, my Joystick resurrected inside my boxers, she noticed this and smiled. But I could perceive the smell of “recent s*x” on her which I never mind.
I opened the shower, I bath first while she follows. She turned her back to me, I could see the clear view of the a$$. I moved closer, stood at her back and held her bosoms from behind. She moaned oouchhh.
I continue squeezing and pressing while the shower was dropping on us. Still backing her, I moved my hands down her abdomen, this time, she moaned faster, she turned to me, kissed me passionately while taking her hand down to my erected Joystick.
Our body was close that I could feel her Tip pin touching me. I held her a$$ and started pressing and spanking. She kissed me down to my neck while stroking my Joystick, she kissed down to my small Tips. This time I started moaning too. She moved her mouth to my abdomen, until she finally knelt down before me and bury my Joystick inside her mouth.
Ooooo, yeah babyyyy oooouch. I started making sound and she sucked faster and deeper. After 5mins, she stood up and kissed me. Then she said, “did I try?”, you really suck well, I replied.
‘Won’t you give me orals too? Said bimpe. I thought within 2 seconds that I dare not put my mouth into that public hole, “when we get to bed” I replied.
She resumed the shower and I dashed into my bedroom, raised up the mattress and removed a con-dom, wore it and return to bathroom,.
I stopped the shower, suck her bosoms, turned her back to me and entered from behind.
Ouuuch huuuuh haaah babyyyy harderrrr, bimpe was moaning, I started pressing harder, I shifted back a bit, drew her closer and grabbed her bosoms while bleeping, I later leave the bosoms, spanked her and then held her hips. We bleeped for like 15minutes in the bathroom before she Pour and I did the same.
We left the bathroom and went to the bed. But something is wrong somewhere. Bimpe is not tight in the Kitty-Cat and also, she never smiled, she still looks sad after the s*x.
On getting to the bedroom, we had another s*x but it was so boring because bimpe makes it seem like a “forced s*x”. No glamour, no anxiety, then I knew something must be wrong between her and her “cousin”.
3minutes after the second s*x, bimpe said, “please don’t forget to go out early for that money in the morning please” and I want to sleep now, good night. I replied also “good night”.
But I couldn’t sleep because I was worrying about why bimpe is unhappy, who sent the message?, what happened?,
few minutes later, bimpe called my name twice which I didn’t respond. I pretend as if I was sleeping. She then rose up, picked her fone, went into the bathroom.
I over head her saying “please I beg you for the sake of the love between us, please forgive me”. Please come online on facebook and let’s chat please”.
She “tipped toe” back to the bed, called me again which I didn’t respond, then she started chating for another 45 minutes.
I couldn’t stop her because I wanted to know what transpired between her and her caller. I decided to wait till I wake up before I find out……….
To be continued.
Dr Peace
*Episode 9*

I woke up early around 4am, bimpe was still sleeping, I picked up my phone, opened her facebook as usual and read her recent conversations.
SWORD:- why are you calling me?, I told you not to call me again, what else do you want?
BIMPE:- I can explain everything please.
SWORD:- what is it that you want to explain. I told you my neighbour who has a shop at ODA road said he saw you coming out from a house infront of his shop earlier today with your box and bag, he even said the guy saw you off to where you took bike, and when you left here today, you went back to the same house with your bag and he saw you also.
He even told me the guy is your boyfriend isn’t it?. So is that your daddy’s friend you are talking about?.
BIMPE:- please is not what you think. Please, let me explain.
SWORD:- what is it that you want to explain?
BIMPE:- the guy is my elder brother’s friend. I only went there to deliver message to him.
SWORDMAN:- you went there to deliver message to him and he went to the chemist opposite his house to buy con-dom a day before friday that you arrived?
……..chaiiii, I knew its badmus the chemist guy infront of my house. I was there on friday to buy con-dom before bimpe’s arrival, and when I saw bimpe off. On my way home, he called me and said my babe is beautiful oooo. I replied yes.
He asked, is that the new catch?. I said “no ooo, we have been dating for the past 5 months and she used to come around. Maybe you didn’t notice”,. Your condom don expire ooooo, the thing dey quick burst.
I only make mouth and joked that day. And I remember he used to tell me he lives in ijoka at sunday bustop…… Back to the chat.
BIMPE:- please I don’t have anything with him please.
SWORD:- Did you know that after the quiksex we had this afternoon, I traced your detination with a bike as you were going and it matched the exact location I heard of?. So all this years that we have been dating, you have been cheating on me?.
BIMPE:- ok, let me confess, he is not my boyfriend and I don’t love him, you are the only one I love. You remembered I said I want to visit you in akure this month which you said you don’t have money on you, but I missed you and wished to see you and feel your arms again after 3months that we hadn’t see, then I told him I want to come to akure to see him, he fell for it and sent me Tfare. That how I got to akure and after seeing him for 10mins, I came down straight to your place to spend the rest of my stay. please understand.
SWORD:- and decided to go back to him to collect another Tfare without having s*x with him?
BIMPE:- believe me, he is just a puppet. He so much seem to like me that he can give me anything. But its you that I love sodiq. I love you so much. I just used him and exploit him to get close to the person that I love which is you, please.
SWORD:- so how do you explain the con-dom he bought?
BIMPE:- that one is a lie sodiq, infact, I didn’t allowed him to even kiss me, you and I have been dating for 2years now, I can’t just cheat on you.
SWORD:- And you want to tell me you will not have s*x this night?
BIMPE:- I swear, I told him I’m a virgin and that I don’t want to be touched till my wedding nite which he agreed to. Please believe me, I am just using him and exploiting him. If I don’t love you, I won’t stay till that late nite before leaving your place.. Plssss.
SWORD:- but I gave you 5k while u were leaving my place previously, why didn’t you take transport with that and travel?
BIMPE:- I told u I want to use the money to make my hair, and I want to exploit this guy to get my Tfare and some provisions. Its because of the love I have for you that makes me not to bother you about my needs. Please sodiq, don’t make this thing complicated please.
SWORD:- thanks for all the sweet s*x anyways. My regards to your new boyfriend and don’t ever call me again, I mean it. Bye.
………chaiiii, na me be “exploitation and usability mugu?”.
Chaiiiii, this girl must suffer today.
I woke her up, looked into her eyes and said it boldly for the first time. Bimpe, “I want to have s*x”
BIMPE:- baby, I am weak, and beside, I’m not an intimacy gadget that you can just pick and play with.
ME:- I’m sorry dear, I just have the urge right now please.
BIMPE:- I just don’t have the urge this morning. Just go out and get me money to go to PHC today please.
ME:- so you are refusing me?
BIMPE:- yes, maybe when you give me the money you promised, we can then have a good s*x.
ME:- then I am not in the mood to go out also. How will I need love making from my girl and she will refuse it. And I will try to please her whenever she needs anything.
BIMPE:- *frowned face*, so its because of the money you wanted to give me that is making you to wake me up for s*x?. Do you think I’m a LovePeddler?, do you think I can’t survive without your money?” *bimpe started ranting*
She stood up, arranged her bag, wore her sandals and left the house.
*i remained inside without any motive to look for her. I said to myself, “atleast, I have had a Bleep of the value of my money.
I picked my phone to update segun about the latest happenings.
He hailed me on whatsapp saying “mr maga don dey get sense be that.
Now it was around 5.10am, I was still on my bed, doing meditation on how the day would look like, then I saw my door opened, and behold, I saw bimpe. Back into the room with her bags………
To be continued.
Dr Peace
*Episode 10*
BIMPE:- see, I didn’t come back because of the money you want to give me. I only came back because I love you.
ME:- baby, you know I love you too, I am so sorry for my approach the other time. Its because of my uncontrollable urges.
BIMPE:- its ok dear.
Bimpe dropped her bag, sat on the bed with me and came closer.
“Onihaxy, you know I love you so much, I came all the way from PHC just because of you. Why are you treating me like this?” Bimpe said.
I am sorry once again. Please forgive me.
I pulled bimpe closer, placed her back on my chest, I wrapped her in my arms and “yinmu” on her.
I bend my head forward and kissed her, she responded and held my head towards her. We kissed passionately. Then I dipped my hand into her round neck blouse, locate her Tips. I started handling the two Tips. I squeeze and pressed. This time, bimpe started moaning softly. Then I moved my hands down to her mini-skirt. I pull it up. Behold, bimpe is pantless.
I started finger bleeping, I dipped my finger in, twisting it and knocking the walls of her Kitty-Cat.
I increased it to 2 fingers, then 3 fingers.
I stopped finger bleeping and began tilting his femalecore. I pulled off her shirt and sucked the bosoms.
Bimpe’s moaning increased. She turned around. Grabbed my erected Joystick and covered it with her mouth. She sucked licked and spit on it.
After few minutes of sucking, I dipped my hand under my matress, picked my condom, wore it and lay down on my back. Bimpe sat on my pointed Joystick and start the “woman on top pounding”.
Ohhhhh, yeeeeeah, huuuuuuch, hmmmmmm. Heeeee, bimpe moaned at different tempo. Going up and hitting her a$$ on my thigh.
She twisted round and began a “reversed cow girl” s*x. I was having a good view of her a$$ while she was moving up and down on me.
I pushed her forward into a kneeling position, I stroke her from the back.
Bimpe was shouting, harder baby, faster faster, deeper deeper. So many tones and tempos. I wasn’t responding to well because its a “mission s*x”.
We kept switching position till we were both tired at around past 7am. We both lied Unclad on the bed and slept off.
………wake up, wake up, wake up. I heard someone tapping me. It was bimpe.
I opened my eyes and found bimpe on the bed well dressed up. And the time is 8.00am on dot.
Bimpe:- hurry up to get the money and let me start leaving
Me:- *smiled*
BIMPE:- why smiling dear, did I say anything funny?
ME:- *i looked straight into her eyes and said to her* Adebimpe, you are not getting a single kobo from me.
Bimpe:- *was shocked and restless* Abeg if na joke, just stop am abeg…..
ME:- *i looked at her straight face*, just kidding dear. I only want to study your “anger management”.
BIMPE:- better. So how are we moving?, I’m set already.
ME:- I thought of something, banks don’t resolve debit issue in a day. So let me call akin, *i picked my phone, made a fake call as I distance myself abit from bimpe to avoid Bleep up * “ok akin, thanks bro. I will come there with segun to get it right away”, then I hanged up…
BIMPE:- hmmmm, those promise and fail friends you have abi?
ME:- no dear, Akin is not like that, he is a good guy unlike segun. He is so nice dear. So let me call segun to inform him.
BIMPE:- ok, go ahead and do the calling.
*i picked my phone, dialled segun’s number. I told him we should meet at akin’s place this morning to get the money*, I hanged up.
ME:- bimpe, I’m going to miss you dear
BIMPE:- me too
ME:- when next are we seeing?
BIMPE:- when ever you are ready to finance the journey. But this time, you will send TO and FRO money to avoid another delay.
ME:- ok dear.
*i moved closer to her, grabbed her head and kiss her again, she responded and reciprocated. I whispered into her ear, “I want to feel you one more time baby”. She resisted at first. When she saw my frowned face. She came over to me, and said:
BIMpE:- but why do you like s*x this much?
ME:- Its not like that, I just don’t like to be rejected when I need something.
BIMPE:- do you truly love me?
ME:- yes off course
BIMPE:- then why the rush?
*i knew bimpe is not giving in this time, so I starting calling her sweet names, telling her sweet words, reminded her of how I love her, how we will run our home when married.
BIMPE:- then why don’t you propose to me and engage me?
ME:- you know this is the first time of our meeting, all my proposing plan is still our next meeting, I want to make it a surprise to you.
*bimbe was just quiet, so I moved closer to her and kissed her, we started kissing so passionately, I moved my hands down to her shirts, she held my hand and said ” I don’t want to scatter my dressing, just wait”.
She unhooked her trouser, pulled it down with her pants to knee level. Bends and positioned her a$$ to me. “Onihaxy” now you can get what you want” she said.
Without wasting time. I pulled off my boxers, raised the mattress, picked a condom, wear it and slid it in from the back. It was so sweet that she keeps moaning, yeeeah babyyy I will miss youuuuu, baby I love uuuuu, oooouch. Switching tempos.
Finally, I Pour after 8minutes. She clean up with tissue, while I did the same.
BIMPE:- now that you are satisfied, can you go now?
ME:- ok
*i dashed out of the house to meet segun*
Me:- sege, how I go take discharge this girl now?, I no get the liver to tell her make she dey go without money
SEGE:- just tell her that you saw her messages, show it to her and pursue her comot.
ME:- I still don’t have the liver.
SEGUN:- sebi u don Bleep sumtin wey worth your 4,500 balance?
ME:- something like that.
SEGUN:- oya “rinso” make I go finish her for you.
ME:- na u go do all the talking ooooo.
SEGE:- chaiiii, u no be only maga but certified mumu. Abeg waka make we go.
*we left his house and got to my apartment*
Segun greeted bimpe.
SEGE:- our wife, how you dey?
BIMPe:- I’m fine, I’m so sorry about the last robbery incident,
SEGE:- no mention jaree, sebi na this my MUMU friend cause am, if no be dat, I no go leave my room open to the extent of being robbed.
*by now I was shaking and blinking at segun to stop because I was afraid*
BIMPE:- mumu kee?, abeg my husband no mumu ooooo, I no like that word, I no dey take my husband joke with people oooo
SEGE:- really?, if no be say he mumu, him suppose know say another guy dey Bleep him babe for free in this akure?
BIMPE:- *was curious* which babe? *turns to me* onihaxy, so u get another babe for this akure? Upon how I love you?,
SEGE:- madam calm down, na you I dey talk to.
BIMPE:- me? *raised eye brow*
SEGE:- yes, we know you s*x machine “sodiq” wey dey live ijoka, Sunday bustop to be precised. How you slept there for 2 nights, how you went there yesterday for quickee, how you suck…………..
*now I was vibrating, just watching the two of them with my mouth sealed, my heart was beating faster*
BIMPE:- *turns to me* baby, what is the meaning of all this rubbish your friend is saying?. And you are there?, you can’t talk?. Abegi I no get time to yarn trash, give me my money make I dey go.
SEGE:- you are not getting any kobo here. *segun collected my phone, opened facebook and started reading all the conversations out from beginning to the end.
BIMPE:- *sober and started crying and faced me* baby, I can explain this, its not what you think.
ME:- *I looked at her with a little courage* there is nothing to explain bimpe. Whatever segun says is the final.
SEGE:- before the count of ten, I want you out of this house or else I will molest you. *segun started to pull off his belt*
BIMPE:- please I will leave *turned to me* baby please for God’s sake, I love you so much, I can explain.
*I felt so sorry for her that my eyes were soaked. I felt like stopping segun but he was too determined.
I couldn’t watch bimpe moving in tears that I had to face the wall till she left.
*that was the last time I saw bimpe. 2days later, she blocked me on her facebook, whatsapp and deleted me on BBM.
I tried calling her so many times but she will not pick up.
******THE END******
Dr Peace

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